Food: The flavors are spectacular. Everything is spiced perfectly. See my pix for what we ate. Service: superb. Ambiance: fantastic. Great Indian food, you should try it.

Ruth L.

We had been planning on trying out Turmeric based on the consistently excellent reviews and their offer of a lunch buffet, a rarity in the North Bay. A few things make a visit to Turmeric stand out.

  1. Service- The staff were friendly and helpful throughout the meal and buffet trays were kept full of fresh items. The restaurant was spotlessly clean.
  2. Quality- All the items on the buffet tasted very fresh and lighter than other Indian restaurants we have tried.. The veg korma, chicken Tikka and mushrooms and potatoes were standouts.
  3. Price- the buffet is a great value. We will definitely be back!
Jeremy R.

Came in for the lunch buffet. The restaurant is clean and everything looks nice. There’s a lot of space to sit. We’ve always liked that they have mimosas on the weekend also, and they even have gluten free naan that you can order made fresh for those with allergies. It has never been crowded when we went, and service is quick to clear tables with water refills frequent.

Though some of the dishes rotate, it’s good for this area and they always have a couple of vegetarian dishes also which fit my needs. Like salsa buffets, they also have a number of chutneys and ways you can add on flavorwise to your dishes. Definitely an easy option for us to cover multiple diets and dietary restrictions.

David C.

I have ordered from Tumeric Cuisine of India twice via DoorDash. And twice has Tumeric Cuisine done an amazing job. The first time, I had the Butter Chicken and Rice with Garlic Naan. AMAZING, it’s flavors really had me on my heels. Just last night, I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice on Medium Spice. Wowzers, the spice was really but loved every spoon full . I would love to make my way to go in person soon and experience the ambiance soon!

Arturo C.

Just tried out Turmeric’s All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet!

WOW! incredible food with many options. I really loved the Veggie Biryani and the Saag Aloo! The bar was complete with rice and a bunch more entrees. At the end there was even self serve chutneys and garnishes. The servers were really on top of it and the experience was great. All for under 20 bucks a person. I highly recommend.

Chase O.

Their buffet was slammin! Reasonable price. Very clean. So nom nom! Lots of people here.
Great service!

Mrs. E.


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